Thursday, 25 February 2016

Welcome to Annemarie’s Blog & Website!

Blog #1

I’m Annemarie, a self-taught artist creating works of art using mixed media.

My Art philosophy is simple: 

Create it & Share it!

But I must tell you—I’m not a writer—did you hear that?
Really, I am NOT a writer. I’m an artist who wants to share my artwork with an audience—YOU!

So, I had to make it happen. Wow! What an adventure!! I now have my own Blog  and Art Website…

I had no idea what was involved in creating a website. The many, and often enormous, details I had to think about and decide on—number of pages, page titles, drop-downs, design, artwork and information (all the neat things I want you to know).

During the process I learned so much, some fun stuff I liked—such as artistic decisions, like choosing designs, fonts, colours and what artwork to include in the galleries—and then there was also the other stuff I learned because I had to—like how to write a bio and an artist’s statement correctly, and other boring logistical info.

I did have help with its creation—I hired a great website builder/designer, Jennifer Lyons, and an awesome graphic designer, Amber Strahl-Finucan.

I was extremely impressed at how quickly and well it all fell in place and before I knew it, there was my Art Website—ready to be officially launched, to be “blasted into the cyberspace!” Wahoo!

Thank you so much for taking interest in my art and for stopping by—I value the time you have spent here on my blog getting to know me a little better. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me
Be well and have a Fabulous day!

Live your Creative Life!


  1. Thank you Linda. So glad that you liked it. I hope to write more as time allows. Currently I'm focusing on making my art. 💋