Thursday, 7 April 2016

Not committed? MY 365Day Journey

Blog #3

In the past my studio time's been a hit and miss at best—I haven't been terribly consistent in getting into my studio regularly, never mind each day as I’d hoped for. I simply wasn't committed. So, I figured that if I'm going to be serious about being a working artist, I'd better be committed and I’d better get to work...and every day.


At the start of 2016 I decided that I'd create a project that would do just that—get me into the studio EVERY day to make some art. Daily art. One piece for each of the year’s 365 days. But I needed something doable, manageable. Something small. Something that I'd do and to which I’d stay committed. Art that could take me a few minutes or much longer depending on how much time I had in any given day. Art that can be simple or complex. Made in any medium. The solution came by way of my sketchbook. I could make small artwork in my sketchbook. Six 3"x3" squares on one page worked out great. One for each day. And it was very doable for sure.

Now all I needed was something that'd motivate me. Something that’d intrigue me. After cycling through a gazillion topics, themes, and ideas—KABAM!!—I landed on something of interest to me. Circles. Yes, and so obvious! I LOVE circles and they are a major motif in most of my artwork. An "Exploration of Circles" was perfect! Why the circle? Well, I'll talk about that in another blog :)


The absolutely wonderful thing about this subject that I've discovered is that it's virtually unlimited. Circles are all around me—in my imagination and pretty much everywhere in my environment. It's astounding. Thankfully there's a wealth of ideas—I haven’t yet been at a loss for what to make. So far I've made over 90 artworks using various techniques: drawing, collaging, stamping, stenciling, rubbing and painting.

However, the very best thing about my project is that it DOES get me into my studio and I DO make art—every day. As a matter of fact, I find I can't wait! So now I'm not only making these daily 356 artworks, but I'm also creating other art. Acrylic mixed media pieces; some of which have even been inspired by my small artworks (I use them like thumbnail sketches as the start, or for spin-offs for larger works).

I'm very exciting and so very pleased that I’m committed to my 365day journey to make art! Day #98 and counting:)

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